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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Tungsten and what is its application?

    A hard, brittle, corrosion-resistant, gray to white metallic element extracted from wolframite, scheelite, and other minerals, having the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of any metal.
    Tungsten and its alloys are widely used in High-temperature environments because its high melting point, meanwhile its composites are used in High voltage environments as contacts and electrodes.
    Tungsten parts are also used as weights since its high density.
    Tungsten is an idea material that can replace lead in radiation protection fields.

  • Are all tungsten alloys inherently brittle?

    No. Experiences with pure tungsten in the recrystallized state may cause the misunderstanding. Tungsten heavy alloy has a totally different, rounded grain structure that provides good machining behavior.

  • Is tungsten heavy alloy similar to tungsten carbide?

    While both families of materials are made by the powder metallurgy process of liquid phase sintering and are both very rigid, many differences exist. Tungsten carbide provides high hardness and wear resistance, whereas tungsten heavy alloy gives both ductility and higher density.

  • Why is tungsten so much more expensive than lead?

    The significantly higher cost of tungsten results from the higher cost of the mined ore as well as the more complicated processing steps needed to get to the metallic state. While costing more, tungsten provides a number of benefits over lead - including both material performance and environmental factors.

  • What Tungsten products does SAM offer?

    To learn more about our products, please visit http://www.tungstensupply.com/products.html
    If you are interested in our products and want a quotation, please contact us at 949-407-8904, or send email to sales@tungstensupply.com.

  • What advantages does SAM have in comparison with other Tungsten providers?

    At SAM, we understand the importance of products quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always try our best to supply customer high quality products with the lowest prices. In addition, SAM can also custom manufacture Tungsten products according to customers' drawings and specifications. Just send your documents to sales@tungstensupply.com or by fax to 1-949-812-6690 and we will reply within 1 business day.

  • Does SAM certify its products?

    Yes. At the request of the customers, SAM will submit a Certificate of Analysis certifying that the products meet customers' specifications.

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