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High Temp Tooling

If your work involves die casting, extrusion or other high-temperature tooling applications, you know the challenges of working in an extreme environment. It's hard to keep everything up and running-most materials just can't cut it. Fortunately, Mi-Tech Metals' high-density alloys can stand the heat.

Machining High Temperature Tooling

Our tungsten alloys (particularly our 93W-Ni-Fe-Mo product) can withstand just about anything you can dish out. With high-thermal conductivity (three to four times that of steel), and low-thermal expansion (one-third that of steel), it's an excellent choice for high-heat applications. Diemitech:

  1. resists erosion, scaling, chipping and breakage
  2. minimizes soldering and heat checking is machinable, similar to gray cast iron
  3. withstands thermal shock
  4. doesn't require costly heat treatment (tools can be placed into service as machined)
  5. maintains superior physical properties at high temperatures

If you're interested in producing high-quality products with less downtime, contact SAM to bring the benefits of our high-density alloys to your business.

Tungsten Content 93%W Proportional Elastic Limit (PSI) 60,000
Density Gms/cc 17.7
Density Lbs/ 0.639
Hardness Rockwell C 30 Modulus of Elasticity (PSI) 53 x 106
Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI) 130,000 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (x 10-6/°C at 20° - 400°C) 4.5
Yield Strength .2% offset (PSI) 90,000 Thermal Conductivity (CGS Units) 0.27
Elongation (% in 1") 10 Electrical Conductivity (% IACS) 14
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