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Bucking bars

Bucking bars, also known as riveting dollies; hand reaction tools; hand anvils. Bucking bars, generally made from steel, are used to absorb the force of rivet guns. In certain applications, steel is not sufficient to deaden the vibration and results in a condition known as "Vibration White Finger" - damage to the nerves, muscles and bones in the operator's hand. The use of SAM tungsten alloy, either for the complete bucking bar or just the impact face, is a recognised way of reducing the effects of White Finger. Tungsten reduces the stress on muscles and nerves thereby also improving the operator's efficiency. Tests carried out by a major airframer showed that tungsten bucking bars enabled their workforce to save up to 3 seconds per rivet.

General Tooling

Applications include:

  1. Boring bars for machine tools
  2. Grinding quills

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